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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  December 23, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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deal. the ugly western storm, finally releasing its grip on califnia and moving east. we've got snow there, areas of the northern plains and colorad th storm system will be coming to the east. it is kd of wk now but it will reorganize around the centraloast states. all the white you see, that's snow. fro late tomorrow off to the mid-atlantic. it will b getting closeo i-95 late on cistmas evening for our area. we cold pick up a ating to mabe one or two inches. th secondary low up the coast. l in all, i n't think this is a major stormystem. >> for us, light to minor acmulation. not a major storm here.
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>> let's get the latest on the roex roads. grip t wheel ten and two day. >> it is still going stro in soe areas. we're lking a little better on the capital beltay but t by ch. let's dive into 95. it hn't shown much impvement. all afternoon, this is what it has been lookin like from the apitalbeltway headed down sol sbid dale city. we're on the break. hov, center of the screen. that's wide en. you would think northbound would be wide open but we have big delays into edericburg. they're with you into tiangle and then the beltway, not that bad. beltway, here's the bad ns. >> down towa the american legion, the pe finally picks up. another delay, dulles toll road.
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>> thanks. the massive clean-up is beginng after stor slammed the wescoast. in highland, lifornia, roads were overwe unm slides. people were using shovels to dig out. >> don't nt to look inse. >> my house is safe. i feel for those. i would rather pll my time and help tse guys. >> the sorm is causing big problemor arizona th swollen riv sweptway several homes in littlefield and further inland, the rain is changing t heavy snow, piling up inhe sierra nevadas. as people gather for the holidays this week, onefamily sputing a loved one to rest. afuneral was held today for a d.c. shopeeper who was killed in a robbry over the weend. derrick ward joins with more on the tribu today and the search for the murder suspts.
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>> there was a large numb of attendees and somehow that was in li with a sense of lossor familiesnd the communicate. >> they filed into the funer home to say thr goodbyes to this shop keeper, gunned dow saturday during a robbe at the newton food mart in brookland. >> a s occasion. stuff like the happensn the community and we don't reize how many people it affects. >> it afcts blood relations t it also weighs on those whose coections was not necessarily -- >> at happened hre happened to the family and thecomunity. it wasn't just them. it is all of us. >>olice have released ages from surveillance video ten moments before the robbery and shooti. individuals who may know the suspect. the suspect only shot one peon but victimized the souls o many others. >> but not the central
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connecti to t community which was ofoundly affected through kindness. these scenes are ing kept alive in a sense by the faly even after the loss ofone so central them. >> the family has been in this mo interesting time, has been the most compassionate. the commitment is just to give back to the communit so anything thats collected, they want ito go to charity. >> and whil the sense ofoss and tpourings of griefre evidentin brooklad, they're felt far beyond the border. >> there's family in india. we have people coming. >> and it is a reasonor assessment of priorities as well. >> i don'know if it is the recession or the time that we're in. you hao be more careful. what's more important, family, business, money. it puts a lot othings, prritizes a lot of things in life. >> the metropolitan police deartmen is sikh help frothe public in solving the murd of
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raj battel and there i a reward or iormation. aft theuneral in this circus he is to be cremated and returned to hisativehome in india. >> a right derrickwar thank you. we have the latestin those parcel bomb explosions wo embassies in rome. the first one exploding around noon todayt the swiss embassy and three hours later,another bomb exploded at t chilean bassy. a swiss worker could losis hand and an official at the chilean sim could lo aneye. the authoritiesayhere are indications that anarchists a blame. last month, more than a den packg bombs were sent to european leadersand foreign emsniz athens no one was seriously injured there. thosettack were blamedn greek radicals. here at home, the 111th congress has adjourned. the new congress reports for duty january 3rd. beforpresident obama left on his hwaiian liday yesterday,
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he id thiwas the most produive post-election period we've seen in decades. the senate appved the s.t.a.r.t. nuclear treaty with russia. bot provide aid to 9/11 first responder t mill's don't ask don't tell policy repeale and the new tax polic became law. preside obama said the biggest disappointment was theailfrt dream ac that provides aath to citizenship for the children of some illegal immigrants. >> a d.c. sistant polic chief is ck on the job after she s suspendedamid allegatio of chting. the police chief reinstated di an grooms last night. she is back on dutyn charge of e patrol services nd securit bureau and inrnal investigation found grooms d nothing wrong while administering an open book test. stocks wound up t last trading dayefore christmas mixed. the dow ws up 14 points. th nasdaqas down 5.
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the s&p 500 was off just two. this dember smi positive econoc news about a drop in the numberof people playing for unemployment for the first time. and a report that consumer spending was up last month. althoughnot as much as expectd. we're in the final stretch for holiday shping. a shopper's track survey found about 23 million people believe they'll still be looking for gifts thrgh christmas eve. tod maybe the second busiest shopping day of the ye. our lucky chr gordon gets to be in the mile of the action. he is at the fashionenter in pentag city. we envy you! >> you know i'm fwork i'm ithe mall. the next 24 hours for the loca sant. getting into the shop is just the fst hurdle. hospital shping traffic is up
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15% ov last season near pentagon city. cars line the block to getnto the rking lot and then circl waiti for someone tleave. >> very owde ve crowded. >> porter: you're very busy. >> yes, i am. i have to multitask. i have lady iting for the pocket spe. >> reporter: one look at the glouds fashion center at pentagon city oof that consumer condence is climbing in december. stores a busy and finding the ifthat fits may be tough. >> some stores,t is hard finding some sis. just kind of haveto takethe best of it anmove on. >> reporter: children pose for pictures with sant and tell them what they want for christma >> i asked santa for one of ose cars that kids can drive. like a miniar for kids. >> adog and a amecan girl doll. >> a wii.
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>> reporte a wii game. >> a bike. reporter: i sat down th santa as a repter t ask about the hottest gifts this holiday season. >> little girls, you can't ally beat barbie dolls oraby dolls. those will always be the mo favorite. d litle boys, you can't go wrong whcars. cars and trucks. trains. trains a still very popular. >> reporter: games, electronics and cell phones. top the list for teenagers. wh is the hottest christmas item in your opinn? >> probably right now the ip. >> rorter: what out that specialomeone in your life? >> you can never go wrong with something that is, comes in a small box and is a little sparkly. every won likes jewelry and i don't tnk youan go wro with tha >> then of course there's the one size fits all for uples. which could be a romtic
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getaway. so ev though it is the last minute, you can still be eative. we're live in pentagon city. >>hat santa knows women. >>he certnly does. listen to that santa. >> that's one luc lady there. >> gooluck getting out of there. coming up, an offduty firefighter drives himself to th e.r. after being sht. we'll have the latest on his condition and the sech for the gunman. and the rse used to fend off t shooter a that florida school bord meeting is sold at auction. the person who bout it hs ties to our area. >> we're on t eve of the e of christmas. but there's a for boding forect in the air. iis a buyer's dilemma. who aryou gog to shop for now? are you going to shop for santa? or are you going to shop forhe snow? i'm patollins. the story coming up.
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when we dwelt somhing around here, it won't be alot. not a major storm system for us. lok at tat skyyou might have noticed. those were wave clouds coming er the ridges. 39, the actual temrature. boy, it's been gus allday long today. northwest at 17. he windchill curntly at 30 degre. you can seehe current wind gusts rangi from 25 22 in mclean. 32, la plata. earlier there were higher gus. an hour ago arod0 and 45 south and east it is really taken aut tenegrees off the tual air temrature, giving uswindchls fom about 26 to 30 degrees right now. you can see the radar,hat lights and snow showers, pittsburgh arou charleston, wet virginia.
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pittsburg pennsylvania. and you c see northwest to southeast. that's theeneral flow we've been in off te cst of maine and aroundova scotia. aow pressure uck there. wve had this broad northwest southeast flow. that's still going to be a important player in what we get for the ekendecause i think a lile low dropping in, that wi give us our first shot of a chance of sn that come in christmas overnight into sunday morning. that low-pssure system probably hittin us again after about 7:00 or 8: p.m. the main low over california, it has be making its way eastward. ot a bigdeal. it will reorganize around the centr gulf coastal i think as it come up the coas it will be far ough to the east that it n't be a big dealor us in ars i-95 into philadelphia and new york. some snow here, coming into i-9 t start time again is chstmasnight. then mo lig snow just a little. bu possible he on sunday. really, it favors more locatns
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like salisbury. it could get more snow than what we get here. this evening tloork to 36. we' cold. still quite brisk. tomorrow rning, some wind to deal. with 20 to 25 degrees. and the afternoon, much like today, upper 30s but maybe not asmuch wind. i dot think tomorrow we'll have 45-le-per-hour winds. little snow coming o way r e holiday weekend. i don't tnk there will be any majortravel troubles except neighbor arport south. atlanta, that sort of hing. that's goo news. >> theye getting it wrse than we ll. tnks. some people can't help themselves when they hear the word snow, even if it is a little teeny bit coming in. they have toush out and ock up sohose shoppers are facg a tough decision. >>hould they finish bung for christmas or for a winter storm? pat collins is ve for us at the west bard shopping center in bethesda. >> reporter: time is ticking and he forecasts, they're
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predicting for shoppers' b decisions. santa or snow? snow or santa? two days until christs. three days until --ntil --so who are you shopping for? santa? or snow? so what isit going to be? ce milk or icicle lights? ow shovels or some fast-ming super sled twoays untilchstmas. who dyou buy for? sata or snow? >> i' buying for my kids. >> reporter:hat means santa? well, youknow, who knows? i belie in santa. what about you?
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>> somesalt and a shovel and so gloves and some christmas hats. >> rorter: s you cover both bases. >> yeah. tryng to. >> i'm trying to be prepared. ju in case. >> repter: because if you give somne this shovel a a christmas gift -- >> that's an idea. had not thought ofthat. >> reporter: wt are you buying fo santa or the snow? >> the snow a santa so he can come in a warm house and lee us lots of presen. >> reporter: it is do tojust a matter of hours. who a you shoppin for? re you shopping for santa or are you shopng for the snow? chrimas dinner? yes. christmas dinner. >> reporter: what aut the snow? >> no. >> reporter:leftovers? >> yes. that will be it. >> reporter: areou shopping forsanta or are you shopping for the snow? >> the snow! >> rerter: is it goin to be
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christmas trees or snowmen? >> i think pbably santa, the snow. >> dinner for santain case he is snowed in. reporter: and? >> an new years. >> reporter: so man this will be all thenow that we t. ut i don't take any chances. i carryine with me. jim and wendy? >> that's about a much snow as we'll get maybe, as what's in that can. >> reporter: you know it goes good once cream sundaes, too. >> coming up, the search is on for a police imposter in maryland. plu consider yurself warned. the local cityutting up more eed cameras. holiday buffets are a gat way to entertain but you could be making your guest sick and not even know it. andhe's made a me for himself on the football field.
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chris coolly has made a anymo for himself around the countrynd in the nfl. >> now he's dong with arts
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and crafts. >>eporter: on t brick sidewalks of old town leesburg, nestled between jerry's downto flower and gift store, a creek ollections is the nwest store frnt. it is called the coley galry. yes. that cooley. the redskins' tight end has taken his passionndurned it into a profession >>t is really neat when pple enjoy my work. it is really neat when people enjoy at do i. i lov to make it and i think that's the fun prt abo how these people use it. >> reporter: this was cooley gallery a couple weeks ago before it oped. it has been and will be a cooley family affair. his cousi ryan helping set u the computer system and mrs. cooley actually the one who came one the ea. >> a couple months ago they said why don't you open a gallery? srt puttingtuff out tre.
5:24 pm
i'm a little awkward about it. i'm happy to do for him. he's soexcited. we're doing it together. >> reporter: they'll both be working here and you're bond to find the pro bowler hanging out >> i'll b like, wha's up? >> reporter: sincet wll be a familpraying, there is one veryig decision that still has to be made. >> this is aery important question. >> okay. >> whowill have final say? >>ou know, i fl like because it was all my idea, th i should have the nal say. but we'll s what ris sa about it. >> she can have all the decorating nalsayism just nt mystuff. >> reporter: and theres a lot of it. behin cooley's leesburg estate, he built a massive wood bning kiln that can fire up to 150 pots at a tim nd he turned part of his baseme into a studio where he spendshour fi-tuning his aft. >> something that i really ve.
5:25 pm
for me, there'sots of stuff th i get into and i do pottery isn't one ofhose things. it is something that i genuinely love doing and so ie consistently do it more and more. >> reporter: cooley has already received a warm welcome from neighboring shop owners. many ofhom have been in his stre downtown leesburg for cades. i started out that secd little door there. january 2, 195 >> repoer: 59 years later, it open for business. not exactly where you would pect to find anfl tighn. since when has chris cooley ever donehe expected? >> creating a lot of buzz. stillo me, a local firefight attack. >> a car crash leads the a major drug bust in maryland. and d.c. is more than
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more and more families are passing on a holiday stay-tion and taking drivingtrip. >> gas pricesare$2.93 in
5:29 pm
virginia and maryland drivers are paying3.02. john schriffen is live with me on the holiday hustle out ther >> reporter: here in ptagon city, there are men of people-sck around to finish theiroliday shopping. for the st majority of people, they decided to use today to simply t out of town. we were traveling around the region with them. we started out rlier in c. to check on the buse. we hopped over to you about station to see wt the trains looked likend we ended the day getting stuck in traffic on i-95 in dale city. it was not a pretty scene. let's take a look at the video and sw you what it looedike today aew hours ago. it was bumper-to-bumper traffic. this i i-95 south yoare looking at. was just amess. aaa mid-atlantic says of all the people traveling in he washington region this year, about 94% of them wll actually be going by car. that amounts tobout just over 2 million ivers. if you are gting on the road
5:30 pm
tonight, yeah, you know wha to expect. you'll get a lot oftraffic. as fothe bus situation, we went to the mega bus stop in downtown d.c.arlier ts morning. it wasn't at mu of a better scen we talk to one frusated rider. she said she was waiting in line for an hour ana half bcause the bus she w supposedto get onorome reason was never ordered. as for t train situation at union station, that actlly looked like the best sne of the day. the bestode of transportation to get out of town. amtk says as of earlier today, about three hours ago, there were only deys on the west coast becse of the flooding. asfar as the east coast, and the east corridor, everything so far wason time. now as for the ros, many people asweapon, are getting out there let e what drirs have to y. >> what does it look like so far? >> horrible 12:00, we've gone about 30 minutes in 2:30.
5:31 pm
>> the roads were gd until 49 >> you cat prepare for this. you have to just grin and bear it a tough it out. altether, some 2 million people will travel for the whingt metro ea. two out of five resident even though you can't prepare for the traffic aaa says there are a few thingsou need to do before you getn your car. you should alwaysave an emergency rdside assistance shouldnything break down. always make sure yourcar is gassed up to the full tank before you head out. soething people may forget about it, you should have war blankets in your ar. if something should happen, you nevernow how long you'll get stuck the sideof the road. for now we're live in pentagon city. back to you in t studio. >> all rit. thanks. >> for a leak at the holiday forecast, lt's check back in. >> with traffic that d, the last thing we need i any messy
5:32 pm
weather on he road wewon't ha it tonight. christmas ito sunday morning, i don't think it wl cau major disruptions on area roads. one thing for sure, it has been plentywindy. take a look at the windchill readings. 30 in clul heights. trinidad2 25 to 26with windchills starting ealy tomorrow mornin in the teens. here's a look at saturday with the snow. light snow approaching areas of i-95. not a big deal for us. something to smile about. >> a d.c.irefighter isn critical condition. he was shot this morning in his car. >> investigato tell us he drove himself to th emgency room in hisullet ridde vehicle. news4's traee wilkins has more on this mystery surrounding the case. >> rorter: there are still pnty of questis surrounding
5:33 pm
the shting ofhe d.c. refighter. who did it and where did it happen? they're still investigati to figure itout. accding to the police ju before 1:00a.m., an offduty police ofcer drove himlf to the emergency room suffeng from multiple gnshot wounds. hewas immediately taken into surgery and is lt in e critical condition. th two-door sl vdict bmw he droveo the hospital is now considered idenc and is being held here by.c. polic sorces tell news4, the firefighter whose name has not been reased is a 25-year-old who has been wi the d.c. fire deptment for six years. they say he haseen on forced leave for several months due to alleged crimin activity. >> he is currently on leave without pay, taking forced leave rom our point of view that's leave withou pay since march. is offduty but the metropolitan lice are conducting the regular and the circumstancesf how he ended up at the hospital and the eent of his injuries a s forces
5:34 pm
ar not known to me at ts point. we're hoping h recovers. the police re conducting the investigation. >> reporter:.c. police okemen say due to the condition of thefireghters, they're not ae to ask the questions the would likeo ask. news4. police say it is sll unclear where the shooting happened but th hope to get menswers soon. an ellott city man i in jail for growing marijuana. police onlyiscovered the plantafter a car crashed into he man's plac richard marriott was inside his home on montgomery road earlier this month when a drier lost control and ashed. fire investigators fou an eensive pot operation inside includingsome 20 large pot plants. marriott is chaed with manufacturing marijuana with t intent to disibute but his lawyer tls the baltimore "sun," the potas for his clnt's personal use and heas not selling it. a police imposter is wand
5:35 pm
tonight, flowing a robbery i howard county. ts is a skech of the suspect. authorities tell us he pled over a drivern jessup last night and robbed him at gunpoint. theictim was driving near i- and the overpa there. a gold or champagne color chevy impala withmergency lights pulled him oh. thempersonator asked for his license and registration and when the victim took out his wallet, the thiefook i and drove off. it will soon be en eaer to get a seeding ticket when you're in bowie. more cameras are being added to cach people peeding. they will be nearaurel bowie road. the cameras go up january 17th. they'll be active on weekdays fromcloiks a.m. until 8:00 p.m. drivers caught going re than 12 miles over the limit will be fined 0. mayor ect vincent gray spread some holiy cheer arod d.c. he delivered gifts to local
5:36 pm
kids. gray and volunteers started in e are of woodlawn trace in southst. they made their way to lincoln heights northeast. th gift giving didn't stop there. they made a stop at the morton housing complex northst before he made his la sp at the familyhelter on the campus of d.c. general. > you're tired of giving t same kind of giving over and over our cat quite findhe right one? in these csing hours? we mig have the answer for you. >> tom sherwood visit ad w spots that you might n have thought o >> reporter: nothing say christmas shopping more thanhe washington national cathedral where the stuff they sell teresting. it mark down 50%. >> a different experience. you ve the cathedral upairs and many things that tie to the cathedral as wl as religious and nreligious items that are great last-minute gifts and diffent items you can get that you won find at the mall. >> reporter keep in mind the
5:37 pm
shop closest 3:00 pm. on iday. it is a more worldly and unique shopping oprtunit at most any of the smith submitted ownian m. lik this that racks your brain. >> it is very good for brain stilation. >> reporter: good for little kids a old folks. >> definitely for older people, yes. >>reportr: na, the store manager, has been here more than 30 years. she knows shopping. if you come ere, you will helpo promote the smithsonian's eucational mission. youill n find yourself in a huge traffic jam. and you'll get grat service and you'l get rlly interesting gifts. >> the red ball and top? it is nt there. that's an illusion, like television. >> that's prettycool. >> reporte maybe this pen.
5:38 pm
i can't decide. tom sherwood, ne4,washington. >> i know peopl tt could be enthraed for hours with those things. aga, the nationa cathedral closes at 3:00 tomorrow. >>he smithsonian shops close at 5:30. coming up,n elderly woman convies her neibor to give her a ride to the bnkbut s forgot to mention one thing. she was going to rob it. the kids decide to do homework. we'll take you inside.
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a man in a taway. the purse used to figh off a gunman is auctioned off. and teaches, no curricum, no homework. >> al stories that make you say om acka-lacka. a man thought he was doing a good deed for his 70-ar-old neighbor. he dre her to the bank. e needed to withdraw ren money. she also needed to rob e bank. she made th helpful neighbor an unwting getawaydriver i a fony. when police caught up with hi granny explned the driver wasn't in on the bbery. in her bag, police found the money, a hammer and she picked up aree calendarn the lobby on th way out >> $13,000. that'swhat a buyer from
5:42 pm
alexandria virgia, paid for the pue. a florida woman used recently in thatailed attemp to disarm gunman. there she goes. the purse belonged to ginger littleton. a it was sold on ebay for crity. the buyer wants to remain anonymous. the students are in charge of a new school. sunset suen bry school. no curriculum, no homework, no gras. every day the stunts meet with four adult staffers to decide what th want to learn. the founders say 80% of sudbur's graduates are accepted intoheir first choice of college. >> wherehere is also no homework and no job wn y get out. coming up grammy award winning artist mayas back in her home town. that here. 'll take you behind the scene of her newusic video and find ou why she decided to shoot it d.c. d.c. and dan is the veri
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millio arehitting the roads or the airports. aa tell us they expe an estimat 92 million americans will travel ateast 50 miles from home. most ar driving. > he will siz across europe ar on alert ater package bombs exploded at the swiss emand the chilean embassies in rome. in each casthe person who opened the package was injured. thre ha been no claims of responsibility. nd thousandsf people are cleaning up tonight after storms ripped through t westcoast. seven day of nonstop rn ha le many cities and towns under
5:46 pm
water. the storms caused floong and mud slides in izona. let's fast frward tour weather > it is all about the white christmas and when the snill come in. there is only a slight cnce that we could ha some light acmulation around here saturday night gng into sunday morning. not at all a major storm system fous. we've been talkg abou the major wind. overnight, the tempatures will drop down below freezing by out10:00, 11:00 p.m. tomorrow mornin low to mid 20s. windchill teeratures in t teens. here it s. that snow pushing into therea late surday night. by sunday rnin maybe a coating to an inch. then with the main sto system coming up the coa, the area that's favor getting t accumulation will be east ofs. maybe even ocean city could wind up with an inch of snow. cetainly down tough richmond and noh carolina. so here's a look at your foreca.
5:47 pm
we're in the low 30s this weekend and cold and windy certainly behind this storm early part of nt week. staying cod. the rest of december and early january. time for sports. this is a tou tcket to get tonight. penguins in town and caps an pen headed in opposite rectis. the caps are a two-game streak but they had that eight-game losi streak before that. the penguins had won 12 in a rolof they are lling this game as the prelude to the big winter classi on new years day. a game that is so bi they have an hbo reality series all about it talked with brook about that realityeries about the penguinsnd much, much more a fe minutes ago. >> for us, the way it is going around here, losing eight in a role of winningtwo in a row. christmas comg up. all we want to do is win a hockey game.
5:48 pm
>> there added portance to this one because you st that eight in a row? you've won o in a row but this couldlose the door so w never talk about that agn. >> i think we'll still talk abouit. this could be a spri board for us. if you se, you're back maybe where you were a week ago. weave a good thing gog with a couple wins in a road but now you want stretch it tohree. we want tget back to the win go ways we're accustomed to. our group will be focused and ready will. >> up learning perience. how you rebound from this almost as portan as what you do down the road? >> in thelosing streak, i think we really learn to struggle and fight. the baks weren't gng our way. we weren't getting calls from ferees. it was the same sort of feeling we had last year in the ayoffs
5:49 pm
and timately w didn't come through. i think we went through mething like that again. think we learn how deerate we have to be to continually in. now, the key is to learn from and it keep that desperation the restof the season into the postason. >> you're not all the waythere in terms of t g guns. you, all the young gu were scoring whh is a good thng. you should be on the right path. >> it exciting to seehem score. andrewgordon gets his first goal. he ge marcus johansso. >> was it on the helme or the cheek? i couldn't really tell there. >>t was on the helmet, i thought. >> were you surpred by that? must have smithsonian that abouthree or four me. >> i'm 97 surprised. for people who don't play the game, they can realize how special that moment is. >> tell me about th hbo show. i love what they've dne with it. the lastone, you were smiling
5:50 pm
for the first time in a ile. is it different with all these cameras ound, following your every stp? >> it isa little bit different. bviously, thr presence can't be ignored. there areicrophone around, staff around and stuf i think our gs have grown accustomed to it and i haven't even sen the episodes. >> are you serious? >> i havet seen one minute of eier episode. i think i have a better view than anyoneitting at home so don't have any reason the watch it. >> sods like a genuine dislike for pittsburgh. >> i guess you could sathat. they' going to quote you sang that, not me. you know what? theye a good hockey tm and you n't ever like anybody who is good. you want to beat them, yoknow? they seem to have had althe sucess, the 12-game winning treek they're getting l the attention. i think we have aery good
5:51 pm
hoey tem. i think the atteion shoulde on our players. u fight for that top spt. they're o of the teamsto go through. i guess there's someislike there. >> teing it how iis. the winter clasc, by the way, nine days aay on new years day. you can see it here nbc 4. coverage starts at 1:00. but that's down the ro a bit. tonit, let's focus on this game. the caps and penguins. we'll ha much, much more coming up at 6:00. >> big night down there. thank you. washington isnown for go-go music but it m sn be known for house musi. gramy award winni singer maya is teaming one the local roduction stuo to shoot her musicideo near d.c. craot a behind th scenes look with a look atove is the answer. > reporter: singer, dancer, actor and d.c. native. since her debut album, sh has
5:52 pm
entertainedmillions. six months ago she rord ad new song with cedric gey58, a oducer. for maya, this one is a first. >> i've aays done hse remixes of singles i've put out but i'v never actually made single strictly dance. >> and she's never shot major music vio in her ty. >> i'm doing it in my home town, washington, d.c. a wonderful city. i'm so happy for the world t see it. >> it isboutlove. abo quality, love,ositive energy. >>he name of the new so is love is theanswer. he said as was crafting t, he just knew he want maya on th vocals and her city in the backgrod. >> i love being in dfls i tour a lot of different citie
5:53 pm
d.c. is always like onestop. in america, it is a great place. >> peop associate washington, d.c. as metropolitan area, strictly politics. and museums but it is so rich in th arts and the culture. >> repter: for maya, bits showcasing d.c. that it is more than mnuments and statues. fothe m directing the individu yoerk it is about even me than that. >> we'r trying to bome eati ambassadors for d.c. >> reporter: nicholasnd the partner run e studios in their base in d.c. besides music videos they've directednd proded documentaries. they uldlike to do future films as well and use d. as the back dro >> on the vee of being much more accepting of artists. >> an untapped market. >> reporter: craigmelvin, news4. >> i wderf we'll recognize d.c. it mit be a t too hip. coming up, holiday buffets.
5:54 pm
they cou hold big health hazards.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the buffet is greatay to handle food at a liday paty, right? it is convenit and people can serve themselves. >> lve cerin dishes out too long and you may beerving up food poisoning. >> reporter: the last thing you want at a hiday party is a bunch of uinvited guests. in this case, bacteria. while you'r mingling food left out on buffet tablefor hours, has plenty of time to turn ugly. >> you a allowing that bacteria to expand. >> reporter: t chefs an inructor at the univeity in south carolina. he said you y want to avoid heavy mayo and egg-baseddishes. >> keep it light. whole fruits, vetables, seeds, anything tat won't be affected is a great way to go. >> the best foo to go on your
5:58 pm
buffet table are the healthier opons. the foods you need to be carefu with will be the meat, dairy and cheeses. >> rerter: it not jst the food that potentially prlem at fick you've invit a double dipper tthe party. double dping three to six time can transfer as many as 10,000 bacteria from the mouth to the bowl. salsa picks up the most bacteria becau it tends to be runn spreading ger more easily throughouthe bowl. but experts s for the most part, if you c keep hot thing hot and cold foodsnice, you suld have the ming for a great and bacteria-free part erca edards. >> with one me little thing for to you worry about in t holiday season. that's itor news4 at 5:00. > stay right the. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. some driversay have the
5:59 pm
holiday bumpeto-bumper blues. pole around the world are on hi alert after two package bombsexploded at embassies in rome. the worst is over out west. the clean-up effort afte maive flooding has just begn. >> good eving. i'm doreen gentzle >> and it has been a busy day on the road. some people trying to get out of town forhe holidays. othersay be doing some last-minutshping. in the ck of everybody's mind, this question. will we have so kind of white christmas and how white might it be? veronica johnson with the latest. >> i ink some of us willave a little whit some of us, especially areas i-95nd east i-95, it will come pretty late on christmas day. this doesn't look like a big storm noing like the ugly storm it was over cafornia. and indeed, thatgly storm has let g of californa. it has been pducing sn tod over the high pins. they'll get three six inches to iowa. they could get a little more than that. by the t


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